The Viper David and Golia share the same handle, combined with two blades, four or five inches long. The profile, and in particular the different trend of the cutting edge, make them suitable for different uses.
(Photo courtesy of Viper)

Two mockups used in the early stages of development. The upper quillon, originally protruding slightly, had been eliminated by raising the back.
Below, the initial version of Viperskin texture.

Two preproduction prototypes, still without bevels, with different types of scales.

Golia is the lead model for field use, where he performs well during chopping and batoning, while maintaining acceptable dimensions.
(Photo courtesy of Viper)

UPDATE: during IWA 2017 Viper presented a new version of David and Golia, with black stonewashed blade, and without "Viperskin" pattern.

Born to work

The Viper David and Golia are two all-rounder, suitable for both outdoor and military use.

While the Fearless belongs to the category of so-called fighter-utility, designing David and Goliath I aimed to create two strong working tools, pretty compact and light enough to be carried around for long periods.

Two blades

The two blades have different profiles, but both are designed for the demanding user. AISI D2 steel, 6 mm thick, had been chosen because it is able to offer excellent cutting qualities combined with high resilience, required on a field tool. The exchange for these superior mechanical qualities consists in a slightly higher oxidation compared to other materials, however, very far from alloys with very high carbon content: unless you use your knife in the marine environment or in contact with aggressive substances, this steel would tend to darken, without cover itself with the hated orange patina. Anyway, both models are covered by a mechanical “Gray Rainbow” PVD coating  that protects against oxidation, increases abrasion resistance and avoids reflections.

The David of the blade is 10 cm long, more than enough for most tasks, except for chopping and batoning. Two thirds on of the edge are straight, easy to re-sharpen, and only in the last third it rises forming a generous belly, linking up to the tip, that is sharp and sturdy enough for piercing metal.
Golia’s blade is about 2 centimeters longer and has a curved profile, more suitable to heavy field tasks, where the little David does not shine.

On both models the bevel is flat and almost at full height, so as to form a reduced angle, despite the substantial thickness of the spine: the ideal compromise between strength and cutting ability. Only David has a partial swedge, not sharp, which makes it more attractive without negatively affecting performances.

Shared handle

The handle of the two models is identical: a set of Micarta scales, lightened but not tapered, held by two pairs of socket head screws. The profile is designed to be comfortable for long times, filling your hand well, but at the same time allowing a wide variety of possible grips, depending on the work to deal with. A generous lower guard prevents dangerous encounters with the blade, while at the top there is only a knurled ramp, which provides support to the thumb, but let it free to find different positions further along the spine. The handle ends with a flat part, not covered by the cheeks, which can be used as hammer or crasher.

Scales come in green or black, with a surface texture called Viperskin, which consists of a set of milling to improve the grip, without sharp edges thanks to a subsequent sandblasting, so as not to be painful and prematurely tire the hand.

UPDATE: during IWA 2017 Viper presented a new version of David and Golia, with black stonewashed blade, and without “Viperskin” pattern.

A handy sheath

Even the design of the sheath is common: David and Golia have enclosures made of Cordura, with MO.L.L.E. system and countless additional mounting points for maximum freedom. Retention is provided by a rubber strap with double snap closure. The blade is contained within a core polymer, removable for cleaning, which grants maximum safety.

The kit includes also a leg strap and a dangler, which allow you to adjust the sheath height above the belt. The belt loop is openable, so it can be worn quickly. In front there is a pocket with velcro flap, adjustable, suitable to contain a multipurpose or a sharpening steel.


Over the years David and Golia were almost identical, with the exception of the micarta: initially it was black or green, layered, while today it is a canvas, always black or green. The difference is only aesthetical.


Manufacturer: Viper Tecnocut
Model: David – Golia
Blade material: AISI D2 58-60 HRC
Handle material: Micarta
Length: 226 mm – 250 mm
Blade length: 100 mm – 120 mm
Blade thickness: 6.1 mm
Weight: 260 gr – 277 gr
Sheath: Cordura® by Vega Holster


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