• High quality There are many knives that bear the mark of important companies in the arms sector, but unfortunately many are from the economy segment. Oberland Arms wanted high quality, and as often happens that meant two things: Italian design and production. Clear ideas My first collaboration with Oberland (Black […]
  • Part of the family Designing a new model for a knife brand, creating a good product isn’t enough. I also had to consider the catalog, customer types, trends of the moment, and many other elements that make the difference between a consistently successful “out of stock”, and a fiasco condemned to […]
  • David & Golia for hunting Pointer and Setter were presented simultaneously to David and Golia, of which they are the hunting versions. Compared to the military models from which they are derived, they have undergone numerous changes to make them lighter to carry, also in consideration of the less extreme use […]
  • Nyala The pen is an everyday object, often brought together with a knife. Over the years, many manufacturers of knives or tactical material have inserted one in their catalogues. A new challenge When Gianni Pauletta, owner of Lionsteel, asked me to design a writing instrument to bring his brand, I […]
  • A modified David During the 2012 IWA Show I had the pleasure of meeting Matthias Hainich, founder of Arms Oberland, a German brand known around the world for the quality of its rifles, employed by many military and police special units. Big fan and user of knives, Mr. Hainich was […]
  • Living dangerously DPx Gear is a company founded by Robert Young Pelton, which designs and markets equipment for demanding uses in military and professional environment. Adventurer, writer and journalist, R.Y.P. has spent the last 30 years documenting what was happening in the most dangerous places around the world ( Afghanistan, […]
  • Born to work The Viper David and Golia are two all-rounder, suitable for both outdoor and military use. While the Fearless belongs to the category of so-called fighter-utility, designing David and Goliath I aimed to create two strong working tools, pretty compact and light enough to be carried around for […]
  • A series of lucky events The Fearless was my first design that came to production, presented al pubblico during 2006 edition of EXA Show, Brescia, that was the main Italian exhibition until 2013. When I started working on it, I wanted to create a hybrid between a combat knife and […]
  • Low profile Hide was born with the idea of creating a small fixed blade that could be a real EDC alternative to a folder. Many times the folder thickness and weight problems are no less important than the length; Furthermore the presence of a block system raises the weight and […]