The first collaboration with Oberland Arms gave life to Black and Desert Sepp, both based on my David and produced by Viper.
(Photo courtesy of Oberland Arms)

The differences, compared to the Viper David, concern the front part of the scales, the presence of grooves on the side faces, and the second knurling for reverse grip. In place of micarta it was used G10.

The Black Sepp is accompanied by a green Cordura sheath, made from Oberland Arms. The Desert versions have a brown one.
(Photo courtesy of Oberland Arms)

Matthias Hainich, founder of Oberland Arms, is an avid user of knives, and never misses a chance to test his Sepp.
(Photo courtesy of Oberland Arms)

The Matthias Hainich personal knife, photographed in mid 2016. Despite the intensive use is still in excellent conditions.

A modified David

During the 2012 IWA Show I had the pleasure of meeting Matthias Hainich, founder of Arms Oberland, a German brand known around the world for the quality of its rifles, employed by many military and police special units.

Big fan and user of knives, Mr. Hainich was looking for a company that would produce a line of high-end cutlery, destined to the same customers that normally use the guns of the German brand. Arrived at Viper’s booth, after observing the products on display, he began to discuss the matter with Giovanni Miniutti, owner of Viper.
For the first project, which would have represented the first market, we decided to start base the new design on my existing David, and already discussed a number of changes during the show.

Oberland inserted in its catalog two models, differing in colors, called Black Sepp and Desert Sepp.


Compared to the original David previously produced by Viper, the Oberland Arms Sepp has a black or brown G10 handle, modified in the front area, and with the addition of a groove on the side faces. As an option it was possible to request high visibility orange scales.
Below the G10 panels there are two synthetic spacers, 1 millimeter each, which can be removed to make the handle thinner.
Finally, in the rear part it has been added a second knurling, useful in reverse grip.

Dedicated sheaths

The sheath supplied with every Sepp has a markedly military design. They were made directly by Oberland in two colors: green Cordura for Black Sepp, brown for the Desert Sepp.
The handle is held in place by a strap with a snap button, and the blade is protected by a plastic core.

Current price

Black and Desert Sepp Sepp are currently out of stock, and is not expected to re-release them quickly. Given the short-run and the difficulty of finding one for sale, the listing is at the discretion of the seller.


Manufacturer: Oberland Arms
Model: Black Sepp; Desert Sepp
Blade material: AISI D2 58-60 HRC
Handle material: G10
Length: 226 mm – 250 mm
Blade length: 100 mm – 120 mm
Blade thickness: 6.1 mm
Weight: 260 gr – 277 gr
Sheath: Cordura by Oberland Arms