Pointer and Setter are, respectively, the hunting version of David and Golia. Given the different use, they have undergone several modifications to make them lighter and more resistant to rust.
(Photo courtesy of Viper)

David & Golia for hunting

Pointer and Setter were presented simultaneously to David and Golia, of which they are the hunting versions.

Compared to the military models from which they are derived, they have undergone numerous changes to make them lighter to carry, also in consideration of the less extreme use to which they would be subjected.
Scales are made of wood, without the Viperskin texture, and with a rounded section that fills the hand perfectly. Also, the blade thickness has been reduced to little less than 4 millimeters, and the tang is tapered.

Since their main use is on the meat, the blades are no longer in AISI D2, but in Böhler N690 Co, offering excellent cutting skills combined with increased resistance to oxidation.
The bevels are unchanged.

Specific sheaths

The synthetic sheath of the military versions has been replaced by a more elegant brown leather case, made to be worn on your belt. The knife is retained by a strap with an automatic button


Pointer and Setter available only with satin blade, with handles in three types of wood: olive, cocobolo, ebony.


Produttore: Viper
Web: www.viper.it
Models: Pointer – Setter
Blade material: Böhler N690 Co
Handle material: olive, cocobolo, ebony
Lenght: 227 mm – 251 mm
Blade lenght: 104 mm – 128 mm
Blade thickness: 3,8 mm
Weight:  166 gr – 178 gr
Sheath: leather


Sharp Planet (Pointer)

Sharp Planet (Setter)